Friday, March 3, 2017

Split LP Review: "Split" by Grim Van Doom and Cult of Occult

My daughter, who's been a bit spoiled over the years being not just an only child; but also the only grandchild on both sides of the family, has a hard time making choices.

When she's asked do you want to get this or that, her most common response is BOTH!

It's something that's grown a tad tiresome over the years if we're being completely honest about this situation.

It's clear that my little one wants to have her cake and eat it too. Is this really such a bad thing? Well, only when you're trying to teach her about life I suppose.

Lots of us, especially those of us in the Western World, abhor choice and prefer to just get it all. Normally this isn't really an acceptable option and we have to make that decision that we'd frankly prefer not to.

Because of this paradigm of life, it's always nice when don't have to make a choice and both are given to us in a neat little package.

In the world of splits, typically we get EPs. Each band gets about ten minutes to make their mark and earn our love and devotion. In today's case, each band gets an entire side of music to make the same case.

Grim Van Doom and Cult of Occult have released the rare, split LP. This split is such a great pairing of two underground doom metal bands that flows so seamlessly, it feels like these songs were made to go side by side.

Once the Grim Van Doom side, full of stiff bass lines, barking vocals, and chunky guitar riffs gives way to Cult of Occult's side B, the listener would be hard pressed to notice that a great change has taken place.

There are differences of course, that's not to say that these bands sound identical. They are first cousins in doom metal.

The biggest difference is in how they go about songwriting. Whereas Grim Van Doom crafted a standard sized Side A, four tracks about 20 minutes in total, Cult of Occult made a single epic song that clocks in at a full 22 minutes, or about 90 seconds longer than a typical Led Zeppelin side.

Two great bands, one from Germany and one from France have combined forces, take that Axis and Allies, for one great album so don't miss out.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Vendetta
Formats: LP/Digital
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