Thursday, March 2, 2017

Artist Playlist: The Riven

Here are some of our favorites.


Here’s a classic one! Sgt. Peppers had just been released two days before and Jimi decided to play that song before jumping on stage. McCartney was in the audience and you can imagine his face! After the crazy solo at the end Hendrix had to ask Clapton (who also happened to be in the audience!) to help him tune up the guitar.

GFR is an often forgotten band and that might lay in the fact they were only active for about 5-6 years. This clip is from 1969 and heavy as fuck but with lots of soul. Also listen to that bass sound, Bong rattling!!!

“Immigrant Song” is apart Led Zeppelins heavier stuff and It’s about vikings as well so it needs to be on this list, obviously!


 “Children Of The Grave” by Black Sabbath, First of all, what a song! Second, when played at the legendary California Jam 1974 in that fashion with an audience like that, it just makes you regret you couldn’t be there!


 “And she says BURN” Also from the legendary California Jam 1974 is Deep Purple with “Burn”. It’s just as good as it gets. Those riffs, solos, platform shoes and high pitched notes will make you wanna drink beer and party all night long.

Randy is on fire on these live recordings! You can see how impressed Ozzy looks after he does his crazy licks.

 Maiden has always been a live band and this clip shows that! Live in Dortmund back in ´83 and the energy and performance is amazing, they work 100 percent to capture the audience.

 This is where Journey shows a bit of their heavy side and it’s good! Those vocals will blow you away, and they do together with some pumping rhythm and melodies.

Rush “Mystic Rhythm” Is a very mystic song (Badom dish!). It’s fairly experimental with weird orchestrations, emotional vocal lines and lovely harmonies. This song and the album “Power Windows” is a must listen!

This band started out in Gothenburg back in 2006 and have thus been going for quite some time. With a combination of love for classic rock whilst incorporating their own unique sound and blend. Taken from their masterpiece Odyssey.

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