Wednesday, March 22, 2017

LP Review: "The Four Days of the Mind" by Dynfari

The Four Days of the Mind
Now that your friend and humble narrator is older, it's easy to say that High School sucked.

Well as I was well read and poorly dressed in high school, it was easy then to say it sucked.  High School, mine anyway, showcased the absolute worst in American society.

Riches were prized. Attractiveness was a premium. What was nominally valued was the quality of the human being that was underneath the money and clothes.

It was easy to be above all of that during the time. Because then, like now, I wasn't attractive. There were no riches in my household.

I was also poorly dressed as my family didn't put a large premium on designer clothing. Though I hated that at the time, I don't much care for them now. Ironic isn't it? Not Darth Plagueis The Wize level irony, but still. (See why I wasn't popular?)

Dynfari on break from The Icelandic Honey Week
Dynfari's latest album has all of the personality of a high school. This is solely in terms of sheer numbers of sounds.

Most black metal, post metal, etc bands, along with their non-post counterparts, have a limited palette of colors.

Dynfari takes nearly every instrument known to man and includes them on these tracks.

It's a fascinating listen.

The Four Days of the Mind is an ambitious record based on existentialism, human capacity, and black metal. What that doesn't tell you is that this album is like my personal high school experience.

There were few people that were trustworthy to me. In that time and place, it was easy to overlook horrible things about people so I wouldn't be alone. Because of that, being turned around and betrayed happened frequently.

That's the best description of this album I can give you. All senses of security are false. There is no chance of comfort in these tracks.

Relax and listen, but know you will be betrayed, thankfully, they'll reassure you shortly after the betrayal. Then you'll fall back into your security only to be hit with all the subtlety of a train wreck.

It only stops when the record is over.

Release: 4/17/17
Genre: Atmospheric Post Black Metal
Label: Code666
Formats: CD/LP/Digital
Preorder Via Webstore

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