Monday, March 27, 2017

LP Review: "Lands" by Bereft

Life is a mean, mean thing that comes at you quickly when you're least expecting it.

In terms of life and death, how often do we have Life portrayed as a menacing criminal waiting for you in the shadows?

That sort of personification is always reserved for death.

The difference is that we as people only really know life. We have experienced nothing of the afterlife. So, all hopes and joys are ascribed to life and all terrors are ascribed to death.

Today though, life threw curves at me that were highly unexpected.

In times when things are going well, I've always waited for the shoe to drop. Life is always moving and there's a yin and yang to the world and to karma.

Theoretically, Bereft is in this photo.
Bereft are a bunch of Cheeseheads from the Badger State.

These are factual statements.

Their music is a contradiction. Though full of life, there is also the bleakness.

Colorful and grey.

The shortest song on this album is around twelve minutes and there are only four separate tracks.

Heavy Metal Essay have 48 minutes to complete it.

Diversity, dynamics, and pure rage are personified by Bereft. In fact, this album is truly bereft of nothing. The songcraft on display here is wonderful.

During the (long) instrumental passages, there are several thematic repetitions. It's something that's oft missing in the annals of heavy metal.

This is another album that features powerful drumming rather than power drumming. A good drummer can make his point with thousand snaps but a great drummer, can make his point in just a few.

Bereft features a great drummer along with all other parts of the band.

Release: 3/31/17
Genre: Atmospheric Doom Metal
Label: Prosthetic Records
Formats: LP/CD/Digital

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