Thursday, March 30, 2017

Guest Post: This Is Why To PR by Curtis Dewar

I’ve had several bands tell me that there really is no point in having a PR and that they can do it all themselves. While DIY is an admirable quality and definitely cheaper, there are some things to consider when choosing between hiring a PR and doing it yourself.

Keep these in mind:

-A PR already has a list of magazines, websites and journalists 

In general most PRs already have hundreds if not thousands (depending on what style of music you play) of contacts of people who might be interested in the style of music you play. Sure, a lot of times you can find this information for yourself, but it could take a few dozen hours or more to Google search out names of magazines that will accept your music.

Also, a PR already knows which zines, sites and journalists will take digital copies and which require physical albums to be sent.

-A PR has already established relationships with many of the magazines, websites and journalists you want to contact. 

After you’ve compiled the list above, there’s a damn good chance that your album will still not be checked out if the magazine in question has no clue who you are.

Many of these places get hundreds of albums a week, if your PR already has a working relationship with these people you have a much better chance than just “cold calling” the site.

-A PR knows what needs to be sent to magazines, websites and journalists and how it needs to be sent. 

Many bands think that they can just send 10 MP3 attachments to an email and their album will get reviewed. Nope, think again.

Reviewers HATE it when an album comes into their inbox with multiple tracks attached.

If you’re gonna go DIY at least have the decency to send your album as a single file using a file transfer system such as Dropbox, Mediafire or what have. Even better (And preferred by most nowadays), get yourself a Haulix or Ipool account and send your album out that way.

Also, do you have a professional bio written with the album?

Album credits?

Track listing?

To add to the last point, another thing that reviewers hate is receiving an album with untagged, or improperly tagged tracks. It drives most up the wall and pretty much guarantees your album will not be reviewed.

The above is just a few of the reasons to hire a PR for your music. There’s a ton more and I’m sure I’ll go over those reasons in future postings.

If you are looking for help with PR and marketing for your music and you play heavy metal or hard rock, please contact me and I’d love to work with you! I can be contacted at

(Ed Note: Emphases are mine. As someone who primarily reviews music sent to me by PR firms, for a lot of the reasons listed here, that whatever preconceived notions you have about the site you're sending to, you'd be surprised at how much we are sent digitally.

If you choose to eschew a PR firm in lieu of a DIY approach, be prepared to send physical copies. More often than not, we have too much material to review in our lifetimes sitting in our inboxes and a CD, cassette, or a vinyl LP will always put you in the front of the line.

Just more gristle for you to chew on here.... -nik)

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