Monday, June 5, 2017

Vinyl Review: "Locust Lunatic Asylum" by Sober Truth

There was an interview with Kim Thayil about 20 years ago when Soundgarden was riding the wave of their critically acclaimed albums in the late 90's.

He talked about how much he hated heavy metal because he thought it was silly. Those acts weren't writing songs about real life, but Dungeons & Dragons.

Well, no disrespect to the fine work of Gary Gygax, TSR, and Ronnie James Dio, that was such a ridiculous statement that had me screaming in my head about how wrong he was.

The stereotype that metal is dumb and, again no disrespect to Gygax and Co, cannot cope with the real world or see anything more than childish fantasies is something that has long since grated on most of us in the metal community.

Sober Truth
Germany's Sober Truth isn't telling any tales about Paladins teaming up with thieves, magic users, and fighters in order to take on an army of orcs, trolls, and kobolds.

(Seriously no disrespect to Gygax, TSR, or any of the rest of you nerds out there.

Personally, I prefer video game RPGs, just because it's easier for me to get into it and I prefer having visuals and being able to game late at night with my own beer listening to records...that's just the best!)

Locust Lunatic Asylum is a concept album that takes aim at the selfishness of today's modern age. Yes, it's standard policy to ignore lyrical content, but after reading the press sheet sent to me by our German friends, I wanted to be able to understand the concept album.

It's kind of cliche to say that a band takes the listener on a journey, but that's really what we should all be hoping for when we listen to a record for the first time....and the 100th time really.

That's what Sober Truth does with Locust Lunatic Asylum.

Be prepared to look into a dark mirror regarding this modern world we all live in, myself included. There was a time when the short story helped to remind us of the morality in the world we live in, but these days, it's the music industry taking aim.

They describe themselves as Prog-Groove-Metal which is kind of a mouthful.

What you should know about them is that they are definitely a very talented metal band with a vast array of colors in which to paint you a picture. Every single arm of the band has at least three different ways to make a point.

That even goes down to the double bass drums. It ranges from triggered barrages to traditionally played blast beats down to standard 2/4 beats.

There are too many different ways the vocals and guitars speak, so it's best left up to you to see what all they can do.

The cover is a matte finish, black and white, picture of a tree. It's simple and powerful. Were it glossy, it wouldn't look nearly as great as it does. It's truly beautiful.

With all of the ins and outs of the music on the disc, Locust Lunatic Asylum was born to be heard on pure analog sound. It sounds truly beautiful, especially cranked up loud.

This is a poignant album that's pleasing to the ears. There's really nothing more anyone should be asking for.

Release: 1/27/17 (Vinyl was May)
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Taktart
Formats: LP/CD/Digital

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