Monday, June 19, 2017

LP Review: "Through The Ages of Sleep" by Siberian

Through The Ages of Sleep
It's time to let you into my life once again. At the time of this writing, my Chinese food has tarried so.

This brings up two very serious questions as this post moves forward:

1) Will this post be finished before my lunch arrives?

2) Will my low blood sugar affect my ability to write this post?

As this blogger is a mild sufferer of hypoglycemia, there are times when my personal chemistry can be off and really mahoober up everything I'm doing.

UPDATE! My food has arrived. Even though I'm listening to this album for the third time, there really are only sporadic inferences and ideas running through my dome. Allow me to eat my lunch and get back to you afterwards.

Honestly, that was a pretty terrible preamble, but this blog is what I think of each band in the moment, and that was my moment.

Let's move on to Linkoping, Sweden's Siberian. It would seem that they were Russian based on just the name.

Through The Ages of Sleep is another album being released by The Sign Records on the other side of the Atlantic.

This disc starts off dissonant and slow. It's not long before the guitars take off in that chugga chugga style of ambient black metal. It's pleasing and interesting. It's not the only hat Siberian chooses to wear throughout this album though.

Through the Ages of Sleep is listed as a sludge metal record, and there are times when they hit that mark, along with traditional heavy metal, black metal, and just about every other thing you can mention.

If this album were a single song, and it could easily be as such, this would be a prog metal masterpiece, but maybe it still is. 

These tracks were inspired by the dreams of each member. Well, that's the coolest thing I've heard all day and hopefully you're thinking the exact same thing now.

From the variety of inspirations, it only makes sense the album would have different moods and soundscapes.

Release: 6/30/17
Genre: Metal
Label: The Sign Records
Formats: LP/CD/Digital

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