Friday, June 30, 2017

LP Review: Self Titled by Hogan's Goat

Hogan's Goat
There's a Scottish folktale called Hogan's Goat.

Were you aware?

This was something that we didn't know about here. So basically, Hogan's Goat was this disgusting creature that was reported to smell just god awful.

Being compared to Hogan's Goat is actually a great insult, but here are with a band from Nashville (non-country) that's using this as their name.

They've even chosen to use a drawing of the goat as their album cover. This is where I think they've made a bit of a mistake. For black magic reasons, the goat has been used as a symbol in extreme metal for years upon years which have bled into decades.

Hogan's Goat
So the average music fan is going to see this cover and frankly, it looks like the remnants of a goat that was used during a ritual sacrifice in the name of Satan.

Most likely governmental figures will think the same thing. The Satanic Panic is real....right?

What most of us aren't going to know is that this is a drawing of the goat from the old timey folk tale. Ugly thing, flies, stinky, and an eyeball out of a socket.

The color palette is also an interesting choice. They've used the muted colors of older comic books. It's both cartoony and serious simultaneously.

Their name, the cover, and the music, these things all work well together. Hogan's Goat, the band, is a bit of a strange animal. It would take pages and pages to detail to you what they do and how they sound.

The most important takeaway isn't my critique of their name, my exploration of their album cover, etc, but the fact that this is a brand new band that drips swagger. They have the swinging feel of Crobot, the loose and dangerous qualities of Guns'n'Roses, and they tie this package up neatly with an original bent to songwriting that leaves their peers in the dust.

This is their first album.

Tours are in the offing and I'll be the first in line to buy their t-shirt.

Release: 7/18/17
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: DIY
Formats: Digital
Preorder On iTunes

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