Monday, June 26, 2017

LP Review: Laser Flames On The Great Big News's Self Titled

Laser Flames On The Great Big News
One of the things a band can do in order to improve their durability is adding more than one vocalist.

Granted if you're Led Zeppelin, don't bother Robert Plant has that all sewn up. Other Kiss though.... their music isn't as intricate as that of say a Led Zeppelin or Metallica.

So, by starting off with three vocalists and then adding another, it kept their sound fresh and interesting.

Kiss stole borrowed that idea from The Beatles. At the time they started, it was a similar thing. The music wasn't much more than three chord rock.

In the end, there have been eight different people to sing on Kiss tunes. Only Mark St. John and Vinnie Vincent have not sung on a Kiss song. Crazy.

What if though, a band had two vocalists and didn't need them in order to freshen up each song?

Enter Laser Flames On The Great Big News.

Let's be clear, there are two vocalists, both a male and a female. Throughout the record they duel, the harmonize, and they play off of each other.

The rest of the band is kind of like that as well.

They don't seem to have a singular sound, but more like six or seven different modes they can enter. There's rock, metal, southern rock, modern rock, and prog metal rock.

So here we have a band with multiple singers, but could succeed mightily with either one. There's even a part of me that things Laser Flames On The Great Big News could do quite well without any singers!

To say they are dynamic would be a bit of an understatement.

It's actually quite difficult to explain to you what this band sounds like. That's quite good for them but it's really hard for someone trying to review the album.

They are slow, but fast. They write short songs, and long ones. It's really heavy, but also rather mellow.

From start to finish, Laser Flames On The Great Big News is a warped contradiction that will take many listens to finally digest.

Release: 6/30/17
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Wood and Stone Productions
Formats: CD/Digital

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