Monday, June 5, 2017

LP Review: "Wicked Covenant" by Bury The Machines

Wicked Covenant
As a small boy, my mother would have me wash the dishes after dinner.

It was one of my first regularly occurring chores. Because she was a control freak, she would then go in an check everything that was in order to make sure it was done correctly.

She complained that it was harder for her to have me do it rather than doing it herself.

This concept never really made much sense in my preteen mind as she wasn't expending nearly the amount of energy as I was in order to get the kitchen sparkling clean.

Questionable parenting practices aside, she was right. The mental energy that it takes to get one's child to learn the proper cleaning practices is immense. Think about writing an album...even a short one....

John E. Bomher, aka Bury The Machines
Let's get something quickly sorted out. This record is listed as an Extended Play, but I'm considering it a Long Play as it's just as long as Reign In Blood, though with 70% less tracks.

John E. Bomher is the man behind Bury The Machines. He is Bury The Machines.

Wicked Covenant is his/their/something's follow up to Barbwalker.

As, this I didn't hear that, my review and thought process is based only upon this release.

The three tracks are long. The shortest of the bunch is over six minutes. The longest is over eleven. These songs are difficult to categorize without using the term prog. It's clearly some sort, or every sort, of metal.

Each song follows the path less traveled. It's probably better to say that each song forges its own path. The doom gives way to black that gives way to thrash that gives way to space. In each song, we hear space and time.

Allow yourself to get lost.

Release: 6/9/17
Genre: Prog Metal
Label: Midnite Collective
Formats: CD/Cassette/Digital

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