Wednesday, June 21, 2017

CD Review: "Potboiler" by Future Hate

Let's start at the beginning.

Do you know what I love about Punk Rock/Hardcore/etc and all that jazz?

Frankly, not a whole helluvalot. Punk and Country are kind of similar to me in that, whereas I used to dismiss it all out of hand, there are now exceptions.

Punk Rock to me all goes back to the first time I heard the Sex Pistols. At the time, my metal ONLY phase was going full strength and the idea that a band who didn't have significant prowess on the instruments...

Well that was simply verboten. Why in the world should we listen to this crap? To this day though, Nevermind the Bollocks is still unlistenable to me.

Future Hate
Well, many readers are probably up in arms now about my crapping on punk rock. This is especially compounded if you realize that we have reviewed, positively, several punk rock records.

The ones on these site though, aren't training wheels punk. i.e. three chord, no musical prowess, and oft out of key "music."

Let's get something out of the way. My review copy of Potboiler contains their EP of the same name and the previous EP. When it was placed in the mail to me, I didn't even know it was only an EP.

This is a short record.

Every song is full of anger and power. As Darth Siddious said, I can feel your anger. It makes you stronger. Gives you focus.

The sith lord may have well been speaking to Future Hate. The Alabama quintet never lets up.

What's more, it seems like their knowledge of their instruments far outstrips that of some of their contemporaries, predecessors, and some metal acts whose name I won't mention because that guitar player doesn't fit in...If you catch my drift.

This is high octane, high anger, and perfectly powerful. It's the perfect record for this guy.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Punk Rock
Label: Deadlamb Records/Jackhammer Music
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