Wednesday, June 7, 2017

LP Review: "Spectral Ascent" by Kabbalah

Spectral Ascent
Reading Jimmy Page's interviews over the years has been a darkly illuminating experience.

There was one particular discussion where he was talking about being in opium dens on the other side of the world with Robert Plant, on a songwriting expedition.

In my mind, there was a stunning picture of Page and Plant sitting on a stage, each wearing a fez, and smoking these large hookah pipes as they sang or at least tried to find the song.

We've all got at least one friend who'd read that little passage and think, "man, it would be awesome to hang out with them and smoke opium and hashish."

In some of the music they created, there's an element of this scene. Influences here and there could speak to this time, but Led Zeppelin never created this soundtrack. Page and Plant, touched on it a bit....

Maybe an opium den isn't your scene, but there's a strong picture painted in there.

Though, our good friends didn't create that soundtrack, perhaps someone else in this modern world can come along and write the music...

Oh hai, Kabbalah!

Hailing from Spain, Kabbalah doles out the good when it comes to retro vibes.

This record hearkens back to when smoking cigarettes wasn't a crime, but smoking pot was, even if nearly everybody did it.

There's a dense layer of smoke. Let the smoke envelop and surround you. This is only the opening. After you've been lifted off of your feet,  you'll be taken to a room with a small stage.

There may or may not be a series of fez hats for you to choose from. You can be Grandpa from Meet Me In St. Louis.

Once you're off your feet and you've relaxed, then and only then, will the bring out the real weapons. Then you're in too far to back out.

Release: 7/7/17
Genre: Psych/Doom
Label: Twin Earth Records
Formats: LP/CD/Digital

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