Friday, June 2, 2017

LP Review: "Deny Everything" by Contra

Deny Everything
Over the past year or so, my daughter and I have become avid comic book readers.

It's pretty safe to say that we have pretty different tastes in what we read. She's strongly into the My Little Pony Universe.

Part of what got me going back into the world of comics are the superhero movies going back to Tobey Maguire's Spiderman.

Recently, all superhero books have been removed from my pull list because of whole universe idea and capitalization on the movies and tie ins to this and that.

It was overwhelming and I was reading Guardians of the Galaxy because I wanted to read that and not Fantastic Four. The reason for all this is because comic books are always in the Second Act. So they're continually starting over, re-inventing the stories, etc. It's kind of what George Lucas has been doing to Star Wars since home releases became a thing.

Speaking of Star Wars, this record first grabbed me because of the vocals. For a minute it was kind of like Jabba The Hutt's band was recast as metal.

The lyrics seemed very much like they were written in Huttese.

Well, part of that wasn't really true. The original attraction to this band came by way of that guitar riff

There's a strong ZZ Top vibe here. Contra has that kind of Texas Groove, even though they're from Ohio, and don't have beards.

Like many bands in this modern age, Contra is full of different mixes. In the end, the ingredients end up being some very tasty sludge metal. The riffs, the solos, the vocals, and the drums make a spectacular product.

The wah-wah riffs all over this record are reason enough to check it out...if you're a total wah-wah guy like myself.

Though the members are the band have been around the block, Contra is brand new. Check it out for yourself.

You'll find out.

Release: 7/1/17
Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: Robustfellow Productions/Shifty Records
Formats: CD/Digital

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