Wednesday, May 31, 2017

LP Review: "The Blinking Light/Peace On Earth" by Rudy Stone

The Blinking Light
I have a spectacular idea for an album, a concept album naturally.

Between jam sessions, which there's usually about 2-3 months between them, ideas come to me. What about a musical record that's based around the comings of the seasons?

Could you possibly imagine how big that would be?

Unfortunately, as I only "play" guitar, it would be really hard for me to get it down, as it seems to me that a project of this size needs a larger sound than the six strings on my Les Paul can give voice to.

So, this idea's been kicking around in my head for about four years now. You know what I found out like three months ago?

Some Italian gentleman named Antonio Vivaldi had already done it. It's truly a great thing I hadn't voiced this idea because there are people in my life that might have suggested I go through with it!

Rudy Stone
Could you imagine how terribly stupid I would have looked if this idea had ever come to light. Oh well. The real lesson here is that this is positive and clear evidence, not only of Quantum Leapers, but the fact that one has been in contact with me.

Think about it and you'll know I'm right.

Now, our new friend, Rudy Stone, has been around the block a few times, but apparently we've been walking in different neighborhoods most of the time. He's done tours of duty with Lead Stones and Andy & Zeus.

As someone in the music biz, he was always conceptualizing and writing songs. Some friends of his did more than simply suggest he put them to tape, and from that point on, he had a solo project.

This album here, is the first full length release and the follow up to the EP, RSX.

To put it succinctly, Stone puts his own spin on acoustic electro psychedelic pop. At this point, it's almost so cliche just to type the genre out, but my journalistic integrity prevails.

Side A is much like a man trying to find himself. Consider the Seth Green/Jack Black Vehicle, Airborne. There's a scene in which Green tries on outfit after outfit to impress his date. That's a lot like what the first side is like.

Like in the movie, at its heart, each song is truly Stone, like no matter what outfit he wears, he's still Seth Green.

Side B is where it gets interesting. If Side A was time spent getting to know oneself, Side B is the resulting slumber after being too tired to go on.

It's a single instrumental piece that covers the entire side. It's an electronic piece of music that slowly builds. Its movements mirror a glacier's pace.

Side A was hard, and Side B is kind of the reward.

Release: 6/16/17
Genre: Psych Pop
Label: Moderate Fidelity
Formats: Cassette/Digital

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