Monday, May 1, 2017

LP Review: "Devolution : Decay" by Winter Deluge

Devolution : Decay
Last night I was discussing myself and why I feel like I'm pretty easy to get along with. My wife disagreed with large swaths of what my statements depicted.

That's life though isn't it?

It's so very hard to see ourselves for how we truly are. On the Anna Faris Podcast, Sharon Stone was talking about why it's so awful to admit that we're attractive.

Perhaps it's the American culture, but we are conditioned to either see ourselves in an idealized or demonized manner.

If it's so hard to understand precisely what the person we know the best is, how can we really look into anything else to see what they are. Communication is so encumbered, so hard. What if someone you're talking to isn't just an open book?

Winter Deluge
Enter Winter Deluge, from Auckland, New Zealand.

Now, New Zealand is probably  underrepresented here, but so is traditional black metal with death metal like leanings.

Perhaps both things are represented just right, but definitely New Zealander Black Metal fronted by (and sometimes Sung in) Germans is wholly new here.

Winter Deluge has been at this for a goodly while and it's awesome to see they're continuing to work and forge ahead.

But what are they really? There is a fair amount of box checking going on throughout this album. There's definitely some blast beat action, nimble solos, and over the top snare drumming.

What genre's boxes are those?

There's also monotone (and emotive) growls. The unyielding chords, and the ethereal glow of Scandinavia.

Hmm... It appears that we're discussing a band with two distinct sides of its own personality. There are many times when two simply is better than one. In a metal scene full of box checkers and derivative songs, someone who can forge their own path is always a welcome distraction.

Devolution : Decay sounds like many different things, but even though it was recorded in sunny New Zealand by a group of kiwis, it sounds like it was recorded under the northern lights.

It feels cold.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Frozen Blood Industries
Formats: CD/Digital

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