Sunday, May 28, 2017

7" Vinyl /Review: "You Know I Loved It" by Nyiko

You Know I Loved It
There's a giant world of music out there and it's always fun to learn more about genres that aren't really well represented in my personal library.

Years ago, my cousins and I were sitting in their living room watching the Twisted Sister concert video on VHS and Dee Snider talked quite about where they were going to film this video, because there was quite a lot going on.

 It seemed to him that the right venue was staggeringly important. As a reviewer, I'd just think that getting a full and rowdy house was all that mattered, but hey, what do I know right?

Though the sisters are from New York, they couldn't do this concert in their hometown because New Wave had taken over New York City. Now, back then New Wave was an unknown unknown. I didn't know that it existed and that I didn't know what it was.

Years later, it's become a known unknown to me. Sure, there've been a couple New Wave albums, always well past the New Wave era to reach my ears.

 But what IS it?

Well, Nyiko is trying to give me a short lesson in the art.

Upon first listen, this feels like pop from my early days. There's actual instrumentation. There's a delicious lack of synthed out drum beats or synth anything. (Please note: synths only bother me when it's trying to copy an instrument instead of  having the real one.)

There's a bit of that 80's wet drum sound, but only as a seasoning.

Keyboards play laser like melodies. The upper baritone vocals combine perfectly with the rest of the music. The backbeat is to die for. It only takes a chorus or two before the foot starts tapping. In fact, my fingers are typing in time with the music. It's kind of a weird sensation.

If you're the kind of person who has an inclination to dance, this just might be your summer jam of 2017.

Side A is a song about love that's over. It's nothing that's going to save the world but there are times, like now, when we need entertainment to just remind us how to feel normal. Now's a very good time to normalize our internal feelings.

Side B continues in the melancholic vein, but minus the guitar.

Like the first track, this one has an incredible, almost melodic, drum beat. The rhythm section again is out in full force. There's a groovy piano/keyboard melody that locks right in.

Both tracks are melancholic. They're dedicated to the one that hurt Nyiko the most. It's pain you can dance to.

What's better than that really?

The disc itself is a gorgeous translucent red. That's probably my favorite color for alternate vinyl. It sounds wonderful. The record comes in a sleeve with a lyric sheet, and no download code. Right now, I'm hoping my words have been strong enough that many of you are screaming, NO DOWNLOAD CODE?!

Click the order link below. When you get it from Bandcamp, it comes with a download. Boom.

NOTE: I've been informed that the 7" Vinyl copies DO come with a download code, but it was just considered redundant to send it to me.

So there you go.

Release: Out Now.
Label: DIY
Formats: 7" Vinyl/Cassette/Digital
Limited Edition: 500 Translucent Red

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