Sunday, May 21, 2017

Double Vinyl Review: "Construct" by Archivist

Would you mind if I took a moment to wax nostalgic just for a minute. It's unclear to me how many of my current readers have been with me since the beginning.

This blog started off as a testament to my commitment to new music. Once it was realized that there were ten new albums in my car from that year, it was a revelation.

When Glacially Musical started, it was ab out my personal journey into modern music. Like most people of a certain age, new music had lost its sheen. Like my generation, I had aged out of appreciating  new music, new bands.

These days, that very idea is repellent to me. Music is our life's blood. Art is the most wonderful thing we have. My courses in ancient literature taught me a great deal about music. Because about 60 years ago, Music took the place of literature in telling us about modern events.

Sorry, nostalgic mode is now off. Let's move forward and discuss the most excellent double LP from Archivist.

In my humble opinion, music is the ultimate art form. It grows and changes at such a rapid pace. It can be consumed more rapidly than the average short story by Edgar Allen Poe, and it speaks to what we are dealing with at any given time.

It should also be mentioned, that it wasn't like anyone could watch a display of Vincent Van Gogh painting his works on stage.

With all of that being said, music is the most situational of all of the art forms. There are times when very different forms are what we need to hear. Not long ago, this blogger requested a vinyl promo of Construct by Archivist, as you're reading about now.

As my personal mantra is to write positive stories about modern music, I sample the vinyls I request, because I want to know that I like the music before putting pen to paper so to speak. I sampled a track or two from Construct, and it blew  me away.

The first time it was spun, there wasn't that connection It didn't hit me like it did that day. It's strange and a bit mystifying that on two different days there were such different reactions.

Let's move back to the situational aspect of music. Last night when I was heading off into sleep, metal, blues, etc weren't what I was looking for. It was psychedelic tunes that were being craved.

The Doors's Absolutely Live were the last things heard before your friend and humble narrator lapsed into unconsciousness. The comedy of Bob and Doug MacKenzie were also in the up next spot, but it wasn't what was going to scratch the itch.

Something a bit more mind expanding was required for my escort into a temporary oblivion.

Not to say it in a braggadocious way, but my life is pretty wonderful. After years of searching for family, finding them, and it not living up to the hype, I've helped to create a home, a family, and a niche for myself.

Construct isn't an album to listen to when things are going supremely well, or at least it's not the right record to listen to when your world has reached its apex. The zenith of contentment is not what has brought this collection of music to life.

Living life as I've lived it, there are times when it seems like things are moving in the right direction, but mental illness can take the tiny little acorn and turn everything over. What I'm trying to say is that my mind hasn't been right for the past few days.

Little things can add up to big ones for me. Call me weak if you desire. Question my ability to function as an adult. Well no, don't do that, because it's far too accurate.

Right now, as I sit surrounded by the sound coming out of the speakers as my turn table scratches metal over vinyl, these tracks are speaking to me in a very profound way. Archivist's pained vocals are resonating within me.

There is profound beauty in this exquisite pain. They are revealing what goes on beneath the surface. We all have to put on a face we may not wish to. I feel the pain they are telling us about. It moves me to tears.

Their doomed out blackened post metal is something to behold. In the right mindset, it's the panacea for the poison we all are seeking to cure. This record hit my desk at the precise time it was supposed to. It's amazing how the multiverse functions.

This record is precisely what I needed today.

The discs themselves are thick. If no one told  me, I would presume they were the old "records" we played on our pretend playschool records. As you can see in the video, I have the turquoise colored records.

They are absolutely beautiful.

Halo of Flies puts out important music and doesn't do them any less than they deserve to be. This is another set that I'm proud rests in my personal collection.

The gatefold cover is spectacular. Naturally, there's a download code, a lyric sheet, and high quality construction all around.

Release: 4/26/17
Genre: Post Metal
Label: Halo of Flies
Formats: LP/Digital

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