Wednesday, May 17, 2017

LP Review: "Plastic Surgery" by Heavy Traffic

Plastic Surgery
What an age to be alive?

Last night, I took in a show by the Leonas w/Morrigan at The Tick Tock Tavern. It was a pair of string bands that have nothing to do with this save giving us venue for a conversation.

My friend's wife asked me about plague metal...well that's not a thing yet, but it will soon be...because every kind of metal soon will be.

Music in the Twenty First Century is basically like fusion cooking. For the record, my newly minted Slow Cooked General Mi-Tso Chicken was spectacular.

Due to there only being so many chord progressions and scales, it's getting harder and harder for bands to keep things new and fresh. Some do and some don't, but those that can are able to raise their heads above the din and be heard.

We all know Fuzz Rock, Fuzz Metal, Fuzz everything, but typically fans think of music that rocks.

Going way back to the beginning of electric guitar music, there was a dancing element to the tunes.

After all, do you need to be reminded A) what the term rock'n'roll meant and B) where the music actually came from?

Looking at music, metal especially, that has a groove feel or something that does more than make the listeners bang their heads, for lack of a better term, rocks.

Now, Heavy Traffic has flipped the script on this.

They've made Fuzz Rock that Metals.

To this reviewer, it isn't metal, but fuzzy space rock. These boys (I assume as no photo.) in Heavy Traffic have some metal deep down in their soul. If you have the metal, it's going to want to find its way out into the world and throw up the horns.

That's kind of how this record plays out. As the fuzzed out wahwah is squelching on your earhole, sometimes it just happens. The headbanging comes out.

It's quickly, maybe too quickly, chased back into its hole until the time comes again to force back into sight.

Long songs, harmonies, other worldly vocals, and fun arrangements make this record a must have on vinyl.

Release: 5/26/17
Genre: Fuzz Rock
Label: Twin Earth Records
Formats: LP/Digital

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