Sunday, May 14, 2017

7" Vinyl Review: "2AM. Chinatown" by Julian Jasper

2AM. Chinatown
Let's get started with my beloved St. Louis Blues. At the time of this writing, we're getting the injury reports of what they were really dealing with during the playoffs.

As someone who wanted the Nashville series, it didn't disappoint in terms of games, but our boys didn't have the stamina this year. That or a threatening power play.

So, for this guy, I say go on you Predators and win your first cup.

That said, there's a lot more to life than sports. For instance, there's vinyl to listen, to review, and to love.

My little vinyl column here has ginned up to precisely what I wanted it to become. Bands, labels, and PR firms have taken to it and there's plenty still sitting on my shelf waiting for spins. Listening to music for the first time on the old school (or new school colored) vinyl is just really the best. As I typically only buy albums I've heard before on vinyl, I'm very thankful for the opportunity!

Julian Jasper
Spin on, my friends.

Today we have the debut release from Los Angeles's own Julian Jasper. This is where perspective comes into play. As a child of the 80's, sorry, but it's true, my musical education didn't include going to the record store, department store, or drug store to pick up singles.

The only singles I purchased back in the way were Metallica cassingles in order to get the kick ass B-sides. Yes, it isn't lost on me that this is my second 7" review, and there's another one coming in a couple weeks as well.

Jasper's first release, well the vinyl part anyway, is a 7" single.

He's described as a Psych-Pop prodigy. Most of the time, pop isn't really my thing. Again, let's talk about perspective, even though my formative years were spent during a time when pop didn't mean a vocal over a synthed drum beat, that's still what rings in my head.

This EP is not even close to that.

Over and over this record has moved and writhed on my turntable. It's honestly a bit hard to describe what's going on here. For starters, these tracks are imminently danceable. The bass guitar thumps hard along with the drums.

This rhythm section has it in spades.

The vocals are a bit backed up in the mix. Coupled with the high register guitars, there's a great feeling of unease, but it feels good at the same time.

Work it out, because I'm still working on it really.

The flipside is a bit more to my standard tastes. There's a stronger rock vibe throughout the track and there's a pretty tasty little guitar solo there.

Like the Death of Kings release, this is a top notch 7" release. It came in a protective sleeve, colored vinyl, and yes, a download code.

When I opened the package today, I was unaware this was anything than standard black. It's a deep red and gorgeous, but there's something else to the color.

See that little grey smudge? It's on both sides.

Jasper gives us a fun how do you do with his first foray into the music world and we all should be awaiting his full length release.

Release: 5/5/17
Genre: Psych-pop
Label: Misra Records
Formats: Vinyl/Digital

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