Monday, April 29, 2019

Vinyl Review: "Chooch" by Walking Bicycles

Walking's been a little while since we've heard from these folks from up there near Lake Michigan....Chicago I think the place is called, but don't hold me to it.

I mean, it's the second city right?

All little jabs aside, Chicago is a lovely city that's superior to ours in only one way really.

You guys have crazy amounts of light rail and we have crazy little.

I envy your L, your Marta, and your other one....the BNSF one. Those cars are awesome.

Now what is a walking bicycle?

Frankly, I haven't a single clue. I suppose it's not a thing but an action. Presumably we're to be looking at their name as a gerund and not a noun. That's the only conceivable conclusion right?

When you tear into their music though, it's a unique blend of garage rock, psych rock, and sublime pop. It's rare that a band can meld pop, garage, and flat out noise rock into something this stylish.

Most of this EP/LP/collection of sounds formed into songs features some tasty lead bass licks. That's what I really took away from this album. The bass not only holds the fort between the guitars and the drums, but adds in some awesome melodies here and there.

Definitely the MVP of this record. It's very rare that the basslines add so much to a record as they do here. It's awesome and awe inspiring.

Over all the band has a vibe that's hard to really put a finger on. It's hard for me to tell you what they're trying to say, but I love listening to them say it.

The best bands in the world are hard to describe. But what if you took the vibrancy of Skating Polly. The sweet bass tracks of Cherubs, and the polish of well, any modern metal band, and you might have an idea of where Walking Bicycles is going.

The record comes with a digital download via bandcamp. That's my personal favorite code, because when your iTunes crashes and you lose ever so much, at least your Bandcamp albums are still there for you.

It's a shorty album, which is why I'm not certain if it's an LP or an EP and due to that fact, Chooch is spun at 45 RPM.

The gatefold cover is thick and meaty just like the record itself. Sometimes when I say an album came to me perfectly flat, what I mean is that I see a little bit of movement in the tone arm as the record goes round and round, but this one?

I'm not sure it's even moving. There is precisely ZERO movement. It sounds amazing. The only surface noise you'll hear is the bass because it's right on the surface of the music. Get it?


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