Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Album Review: "Totem" by The Hiders

 In my writing, I find myself coming across more music than I could ever listen to, much less review.

I'm just one man and I need many, many minions to give all of the music I see the true attention it deserves, but it's also shaped my review philosophy:

Music you need to hear.

So, that's why sometimes I need my attention grabbed in order to give the music the attention it rightly deserves. This time, I was contacted because of my review of Jeremy Pinnell's solo debut.

Billy Allezhauser emailed me. It was his impression that I could very well love the music he's making. You might remember him from the band the Ass Ponys.  Well, he sent me a copy of his album...and I have to tell you about it now...

The Hiders
I genuinely feel like I NEED to tell you about this album.

That's the most wonderful feeling.

The Hiders are described as about everything under the sun, save metal, all merged into one giant stew.

Acoustic guitars, harmony vocals, harmonicas,'s all in there.

Normally, they to the line between retro hippy protest songs and old school country.

Then things tend to get bluesy, or fuzzy, or a bit psychedelic.

What they do...honestly it's a bit beyond me to tell you exactly what they are and how they do it.

The fuzzy guitars, the bluesy solos, the harmony vocals...they're just colors in the painting. This album succeeds on their sense of song, melody, and craft.

It starts off with guitars drenched in vibrato, mournful vocals, and a simple, but oh so powerful, drum beat. Then when the solo kicks in, gone is the vibrato and enter the fuzz.

Then the whole band speeds up to match the guitar. It's a great exhibition of dynamic songwriting and frankly it gave me chills.

I listened to this album, on vinyl, while laying down on my couch and I cannot wait to play it for my best friend and anyone else who will listen.

This is an album that needs to be heard by everyone in the history of ever.

Release: Out Now!
Genre: Roots Rock
Label: DIY
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