Monday, July 13, 2015

Album Review: "Glitter Lung" by Jesse R. Berlin

Glitter Lung
Today we're looking a man who's been around the music scene for quite a long time.

Jesse R. Berlin cut his teeth in the Tex-Mex Blues scene in Houston, TX.

So he's been around. Know what I mean?

Nudge, nudge?

Over the years he released blues albums and later decided to give all that miss and take on electronic music. That's a bit of a strange turn, but didn't Johnny Lydon go electronica too?

Glitter Lung will certainly disappoint those who are looking for a hard and fast blues on the order of Stevie Ray Vaughan, but listeners will be treated to a very different kind of sound instead.

Jesse R. Berlin
I'll start off saying that this album is an odd duck.

With a name like Glitter Lung were you really expecting anything different?

Hearing this album was an adventure.

There's the cliche that this album has something for everyone, and I honestly think that it's true in Berlin's case.

This album features auto-tuned vocals, emotional vocals, horns, melodic guitars, psychedelic guitars, acoustic guitars, blues jams, club joints, and pretty much everything in between.

It's clear to see why this is a DIY album instead of being backed by a label. There's no A&R man in the world that would look at this eclectic mix of sound and fury and think that this what I've been looking for!

There's no category for this. The pigeon who filled the hole no longer fits.

This album will confuse and entertain you.

Release: 8/14/15
Genre: Pop (I guess..?)
Label: DIY
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