Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Album Review: "Andholan" by Mekaal Hasan Band

The best way to start a music blog is to have absolutely zero focus.

Consider Folk Rock, Electronic Dance Music, Death Metal, Techno, Pop, Grindcore featuring trombones, and any other crazy thing that comes across your desk.

Review it all!

Well, at least that's my line of thought. I wrongly get called a metal publication, when I'm not, but I am a publication that reviews metal, along with classical, folk, cellos, club music, rap, and again everything else that comes across my desk.

That's what I call branding right! I mean come get your whatever music here. Most folks don't have the eclectic taste in music I do, but in the hopes that you're feeling a bit adventurous today, I present to you some Pakistani Folk Rock. 


Mekaal Hasan Band
Our new friend, and his friends, play a variety of Middle Eastern Folk music known as Sufi.

To my Western ears, this album sounds very, very off the wall.

Based on what I know of Hasan, it probably sounds strange over in Pakistan as well.

He was classically trained in both the east and the west...and he confused teachers on both sides of the world with his choices.

I quickly noticed the vocals.

They're classical Indian vocals sung by Mumbai based singer, Sharmistha Chatterjee

Aside from the bass and drums, another melodic instrument appears....

Bansuri (bamboo flute) master Mohammad Papu Ahsan has as much dominion over the melodies as the eponymous hero here. There are long stretches of musical interplay between the two.

Though this album features layers of crunchy guitars, tasty overdriven rhythms, and pinched harmonics, this is no metal or rock album.

It's a musical collaboration between five individuals who've created something unique. When one of their songs comes on, heads will turn. 

Release: Out Now
Genre: Sufi Folk

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