Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Album Review: "(almost)" by Apt

Not trying to offend anyone here, but when I think about the State of Utah, I kind of think of it like being behind the Iron Curtain.

Sure they've got Real Salt Lake, the Utah Jazz, and I think there's another team out there....

But what do you really know about Utah? I know they are only allowed to sell 3.2% beer, but that may have changed.

There's great skiing.

Of course, they're dominated by the Mormon Church. 

I can't think of anything that's decidedly Utahian. So, it's interesting that I've gotten a couple albums from some bands out of Utah. Deathblow comes to time, as does Atheist, who actually sent me this album.

Let's peer behind the curtain shall we?

Apt is a labelmate, crewmember, bro, etc of Atheist, so it's not surprising who sent me this album.

(almost) is a bit unique in terms of rap to me because it's not relying wholly on computerated beats for the music.

You may recall the last Coup album did the same thing, but to a greater effect. Unlike the Coup's brilliant album, Apt doesn't categorically refuse to samples.

What we have instead is a layered album that never repeats itself. In the 90's, I found that many rap albums felt like one 45 minute song.

Due to musical layering and changing up of the beats, this album is the furthest thing from that. It's reminiscent of the later Beastie Boys albums when they used beats and instruments, but with far better guitarwork.

Apt is verbose and articulate. The songs jump right off the tracks. His wordplay is top notch.

This is a new, new, new school rap album with some nice old school sweetening to it and a worthy listen for any fan of anything.

Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Rap
Label: House of Lewis
Facebook Link
Bandcamp Link (preview and purchase)

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