Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Album Review: "Call of the Vultures" by Vorzug

Cry of the Vultures
It's not uncommon for me to poke a bit of fun at metal and it's proclivity to create a million billion subgenres.

It's even more fun when you're in my position and you get to see how many bands are pigeonholed into this strangely worded slots that make very little sense to anyone who's outside of the metal world.

What I think I'm trying to say here is...guys we need to simplify the metal genres if we want non-metal heads to begin to think about them.

Epic Folk Finnish Pagan Metal isn't going to interest anyone I don't think...

Today we've an Old School Blackened Death Metal band from Arizona. At least that's not too much of a crazy sub-genre, and I'd say it's not so specific as many I've heard.

But more to the do you picture music out of Arizona?

It's interesting to me how much in common these gents have with Winnipeg's own Sabbatory.

The similarity is mostly in the vibe. Doom and gloom instead of anger.

I like that metal can convey more than the we're so angry motif that doesn't always fit.

Vorzug has crafted an album that's well gloomy as hell. The low rumbling vocals ooze anguish and despair.

The vocals often run counter to the lyrical themes. Unexpected juxtapositions are always fun and a great way of keeping the listener out of balance.

When the gloom gets to much, a second scream comes in that's far more reminiscent of Carcass's Jeff Walker.

There's more to their abilities than just two death metal growls though. The guitars, drums, and bass have more synergy than Jem and the Holograms. I would be, honestly, a little surprised if this group was really four people and not a mad genius controlling four robots.

By changing up the tempos, riffing, and moods on these tracks, Vorzug's album succeeds on every conceivable level.

Release: 7/15/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Apollyon Entertainment
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