Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Album Review: "OH/KY" by Jeremy Pinnell

Today let's talk about another debut album.

Jeremy Pinnell is a country singer from somewhere between Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio. Frankly, it's hard for me to conceptualize that these two states even touch one another, so I'm not going to dig any deeper.

Now, when I say country, let's be clear.

This is not Toby Keith throwaway pop about red solo cups, how awesome his truck is, and partying on a Saturday night.

Frankly, the fact that this music is now considered to be legitimate country kind of bothers me. Real country music is old time music. It's retro. It tells stories.... It doesn't try to impress upon you how cool and hip the singer is.

Jeremy Pinnell
For lack of a better way to describe it, Jeremy Pinnell's OH/KY is a concept album.

All of the songs revolve around one particular theme:

His life.

He sings about the latter 18 years of his life that many people might best leave forgotten.

The pain of regret fills my ears with sorrow and empathy for the man.

His vocals, guitar, and melodies are all melancholic and powerful.

The songs are bathed in classic pedal steel guitar licks along with several examples of sparkling chicken picken guitars. The drums are basic timekeeping beats.

This album shines because he sings about the times he won't talk about. The songs are brutally honest. It feels like both a warning and an apology.

Recorded in three days...this album will give you chills, but only if you have a soul.

Release: 7/24/15
Genre: Country
Label: Sofaburn Records
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