Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Topanga" by Atheist

I've said it before, but the coolest thing about this hobby of mine is when an artist emails me and says that they'd like me to hear their music. So, once again I'm taking a look at some music I'd never heard of but received via email and that's totally cool.

The artist is question is Atheist and his album is "Topanga." Yes, he has an affinity for Boy Meets World. I was never a fan of that show because Fred was the best Savage.

This album touches on such pertinent topics like Topanga, The Warriors, James Franco's Ph.D's, hipsters, organic weed, and Drake "freestyling" with the aid of a BlackBerry. (Off topic: Am I the only one who sees Drake and wonders how Jimmy Brooks got out of the wheelchair? Degrassi Jr High rules.)

This album could best be described as old school hip hop done by a new school rapper. Keep reading to find out what the hell that means.

Atheist is an interesting fellow to me. This guy is at least as big of a nerd as I am, but he's not what we would call a nerd rapper. He is a nerd who raps. Because of his nerdly self, he ends up rhyming 3, 4, and 5 syllable words and often times he comes off like a geek trying to explain pass interference and it's just fun.

The beats on this record are a bit vanilla, but the songs never sound similar. Each of the songs has a different little bit put on top of the beat to spice them up. Think of it like cooking. When I cook grilled, parm, or teriyaki chicken, the first ingredient is chicken. The snare, hihat, bassdrum beats are where the very old school flavor comes in. Sometimes it's reminiscent of Will Smith, back when he was the Fresh Prince, not as much the music as the vibe. Remember that song "Summertime?" That's how this album feels. The groove is undeniable.

The man himself is articulate. If a singer, rapper, etc has something to say, please say it in a way that your listener can understand it. The line "We don't pack .45's and 38's, we carry 33's and 45's a crate" isn't cool at all if the listener just hears jibberish and rappers, you all need to hear and heed this, well at least most of you. His delivery and wit are top notch. The entire time you listen to this album, your face will be cocked in that knowing half smile and your head will be bobbing.

Purchase the album on bandcamp here.

Year: 2013
Genre: Rap

1) Topanga (Feat. DJ SktratchMo)
2)  Gotta Go
3) Holiday
4) Party in the Avenues
5) Freestyle Fresh
6) No One's Safe (Feat. House of Lewis)
7) Too Loud to Sleep On
8) You Love Me
9) The Warriors
10) Skrated (Feat. DJ SkratchMo)
11) Salt Lake City
12) My Life
13) Old School
14) Outro
15) Something Different (Feat. Show Me Island)
16) Mike Was The Best (Sykie Remix)


  1. Very interesting! Thing I like best about finding a blog like yours is that I get introduced to all kinds of music I might otherwise not have found, thanks again for sharing

  2. I'll admit to trying very hard to break the metal blog label. ;)

    There's really so much more than that here.