Thursday, January 31, 2013

Album Review: "Sorry To Bother You" by the Coup

I first heard of The Coup back in about 2009 when I came across Street Sweeper Social Club, well that's when I first heard of Boots Riley and that led me to The Coup eventually.

Though I did not think they were a going concern, but as here we are with a new album, that shows what I knew.

The Coup is a rap group fronted by Boots. Much like Rage Against the Machine and Street Sweeper Social Club, this music is very left wing and it's often an indictment of capitalism in general.

I don't personally agree with every point of view espoused by Mr. Riley, but I do love the music and I understand how someone could come to those conclusions. I don't always agree with the sentiments of an artists, but I try to appreciate the art.

I really love Street Sweeper Social Club and I loved Boots's biting lyrics and spectacular delivery.

This album jumps out of the gates with "The Magic Clap." This song is just awesome.

Quickly noticeable about "Sorry To Bother You" is the complete lack of samples.

Every piece of music on this album is played by human hands. I love that.

From biting, satirical tracks like "Your Parents Cocaine" to softer songs like "Violet" (complete with violins), there is a little bit of everything on this album, but don't let songs like that fool you. The Coup may have been at this for a long time, this is their sixth record, but they don't appear to have lost any of the anger that has fueled their rage for the past several years.

Songs like "Land of 7 Billion Dances" showcase the music and what I believe to be the optimism of this record. I watched the video (See below) and that's what put this CD into my hands and that's why you're hearing about it now.

This record is an instant classic and a great introduction to Boots Riley's "other band" for people like myself who had only heard of him because of his collaboration with Tom Morello.

Genre: Rap
Year: 2012
Run time: 47:00

Track Listing:

1) The Magic Clap
2) Strange Arithmetic
3) Your Parents' Cocaine (Featuring Justin Sane of Anti-Flag)
4) The Gods of Science (Featuring Bhi Bhiman and Vernon Reid)
5) My Murder, My Love
6) Your Are Not A Riot
7) Land of 7 Billion Dances
8) Violet
9) This Year
10) We've Got A Lot To Teach You Cassius Green
11) The Long Island Iced Tea, Neat
12) The Guillotine

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