Monday, January 28, 2013

Album Review: "Unrest" by Tabasco Flowers

It seems like with every little blog I create, something interesting tends to happen. I was on TV and radio for the 13 blog. I was made a staff writer on an indoor soccer team because of The Floodplain Footy, and now for Glacially Musical, I'm getting artists contacting me to review their work and sending me the music.

This is the first artist submitted CD I've reviewed. OK, enough about me I guess.

I'd heard clips of this CD here and there in the past and I didn't give it a proper chance as it is very poppy, a bit jangly, and very happy all the way through. I have been trying to think of how to describe this album's sound a few words and the best I can say is that it kind of sounds like the Beatles after being run through the wringer with the Rembrandts and the Violent Femmes.

Gregory A. Latinette
Normally this kind of music wouldn't appeal to me, so I didn't pursue the disc any farther than that, but recently Greg sent me an email and then followed that up with the copy of his CD.

He has been been in a few other bands and he decided to write and record a solo project. He played all of the instruments, sang all the vocals, and he wrote all of the songs. Personally, I always try to conceptualize doing that. I'm sure it's easier than my mind makes it, but I always think back the recording session I sat in on where the band did it bass ackwards. I'm off track again.

This album is peppered with songs that sounded like the love notes I would send my wife. His lyrics evoked times in my life when we were just beginning our relationship and I couldn't help but feel moved by these songs.

These songs were are very well crafted. Though he has been a professional drummer, the drums do not overpower the music. (Though there were a few times that they could've been tucked back, just a touch.) I don't have a better way of putting it, so I'll just say that these songs are very well balanced. The singing is emotive and powerful. There were plenty of soft and nimble guitar leads.

The album isn't perfect. There are some sour notes on the vocals here and there, but the little misses never detract from the songs and those are what's important. The songs are vibrant, upbeat, and feel like poems.  These songs are very powerful and very moving. If you listen to this whole record and you're not feeling at least a little bit nostalgic, you might want to check your pulse.

This is an album from and independent artist and is available for purchase and preview at CD

Genre: Pop
Year 2009
Run time: 49:00


1) Easy Time
2) Swallow
3) My Affirmation
4) I Bear The Cross
5) Drowning In The Sun
6) Spark In Bethany
7) Round
8)  All The Make-Up You Need
9) A Man's Gotta Eat
10) Strange And Wonderful
11) Self-Medication
12) I Am Near
13) Should Never Come The Day

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