Sunday, April 2, 2017

Vinyl Review: "Split" by Cloud Rat and Moloch

Recently, the spectacular Grim Van Doom/Cult of Occult split LP came across my desk. It wasn't the first split LP to reach my ears, but it's still such a very rare concept, at least in what I'm getting into both personally and semi-professionally.

Please forgive the following stream of consciousness....

If you don't mind, I'm going to take my nerdy bifocals off now. As the hockey game is over, they're no longer necessary.

It's much better now. Sorry, this review has taken a slight turn hasn't it? Well, for this guy, music is a very personal experience.

There was a time when blogs like this, were literal weblogs. I remember when we all poured our lives into our Live Journal or My Space blogs....ah yes.

Frankly, I have no idea what I'm talking about right now. This spring has been one of upheaval in my household. This is not a complaint, but an honest expression of what is happening in my life right now. Now, there is nothing bad going on in my Chateau, but the changes are huge.

If you're new to this little site or old to this little site, please bear with me, because until a new normal settles in, I'm going to be weirder than normal.

Any way, let's talk about this spectacular release from Cloud Rat and Moloch. As mentioned earlier, split LPs seem to be, just a bit, rarer than the ubiquitous split EPs. With as many EPs as are recorded, it seems like there would be more times bands joined forces to release a full length album.

But hey, what do I know?

Side one is Cloud Rat.  Now this is where I realized that what I was thinking this record was going to be...was not what it is.

The impression I was working under was that we had another split LP of spectacular and spacious doom metal, but Cloud Rat, they're a new thing.

The tracks are heavy, quick of pace, and filled with the crust of the world. The only conventional concept here really is the drums or perhaps the speed. The guitars hold down the fort during the occasional drop outs.

Vocally, fans of Dakhma will find a lot to love about Cloud Rat. The screams are out of time, out of key, and full of pain. The lack of being in key and being in time doesn't bother this particular fan of extreme metal, but being a fan of avant garde metal, definitely helps.

So, would this fall in to the doom metal sub-genre? No, but where does Cloud Rat legitimately belong? It's probably best if they just pick a table in the lunch room and wait for the other misfits to join them.

Their side, EP, time in the sun, or whatever you'd like to call it, hurts. It's impassioned and what more is there you can ask of music beyond that?

Second side....Side B....or the other Moloch.

Moloch, like their brethren from another side, aren't precisely doom metal. This is something that's easily relatable. Finding your weirdos is the most rewarding experience I've ever found and it's always ongoing.

Moloch is like a cross between...two things that add up to Moloch. Their sound is rather unique. There's an element of classic English grind core in the vocals, and classic English metal in the guitars, but it's all swathed in 60's psychedelia.

Much like Cloud Rat, Moloch is a world unto themselves. The swirls. In order to understand the swirls, you'll simply have to hear this record.

Today, I simply implore you to open your mind and your ears and check out this split LP. There are times when I can only describe music as spectacular and this is one of those times.

Both bands have given you a style of metal that's different from what you know. They have both poured themselves into the tracks. There's absolutely no question that this album will scare you. If there's anything more to ask from metal, I've not found it.

This record is a Halo of Flies release. There is one thing you need to know about Halo of Flies if you didn't already: Quality.

In the past, they have put albums I've purchased on vinyl after reviewing them. I buy albums from their distro center and I'm often times lucky enough to review their new releases on vinyl.

Like every other album I've received from them, the LP was sent outside of the jacket. The turntable arm doesn't move one millimeter while the record is spinning. The sound is bigger than you'd ever expect.

The price is reasonable. You can get this record for $11 + Shipping.

There's no difference in price between the translucent blue and the standard black, ergo, get to steppin' in order to get the variant.  For the best information regarding the physicality of the album itself, please see my unboxing video below the pertinents.

Please get this record, but don't stand too close, the tracks will give you marks and you'll be the one to explain the track marks to your boss, not me.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Doom/Grind/Crust/???
Label: Halo of Flies
Formats: LP/Digital
Cloud Rat Facebook
Moloch Facebook
LE: 200 Clear Blue/400 Black

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