Monday, April 3, 2017

LP Review: "These Paths We Tread" by Morass of Molasses

These Paths We Tread
What's better than an adventure?

The obvious answer is nothing. There is nothing better than an adventure because, no one knows what's going to happen.

It's sort of like when Peter Griffin chose the mystery box over the boat, because the mystery could be anything, like a boat!

At least two full years of my life have been wasted on digital adventure games from my lowly Atari 2600 to my WiiU.

We are always seeking out the unexpected. Let's reflect on that for just a moment. Humanity seeks to experience the unknown. A surprise is something homo sapiens yearn for. That's part of why this enterprise exists, to go on a musical adventure every single day I'm above the ground.

Morass of Molasses
It's interesting that though we continually seek out the unknown in most aspects of our lives, around age 30, Americans (sorry everybody else, but I'm an American) stop seeking new music.

We voluntarily choose the known quantity thereby denying ourselves of the journey.

Today's trip via Siri's strange directions comes all the way from Reading, England.

Morass of Molasses would be for people who are fans of any single heavy band on the face of the Earth because they choose to incorporate everything recorded music has to offer.

These Paths We Tread feels like a thematic album, because it's a retelling of everything they have heard. Starting with the opening track, My Leviathan, the boys use a bit of foreshadowing. It said, here's what we are going to do over the course of the next 45 minutes.

Get ready and make sure you're wearing comfortable shoes.

It's a jumping track that never settles into anything more tangible than semi-structured chaos, but that's just the jumping point. After that they take just as many turns, but at a slightly less frantic pace.

This collection of songs will take you places.

Release: 5/19/17
Genre: Post Doom Metal
Label: HeviSike

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