Thursday, April 6, 2017

Interview: Death of Kings "No filler"

Death of Kings
In the Glacially Musical Statistical Headquarters of Greater Metro Atlanta, located near the trash bin in the Avondale Marta Station, Westbound Side, Death of Kings was kind enough to speak to me.

Thankfully, we needed to crunch the numbers that day.

Death of Kings is a heavy thrash band from Atlanta, so the timing all worked out. Over the years, they've changed things up a bit.

They are on the cusp of releasing both their latest 7" EP and debut LP on Boris Records.

Check out what's going on in their world below.

Glacially Musical:  Thanks for taking some time for us today. Tell me a bit about how the band started.

Matt Matson- I had previously been in a hardcore punk/metal band called The Despised as well as a rock/punk band called Das Manics. 

I’ve always wanted to play something in the middle of both of those styles learning towards a more classic metal vibe, hell, it’s what I grew up with. One drunken drugged out night we were having a party at my house listening to records and watching movies/tv on silent with the captions on. 

The phrase ‘Death of Kings' popped up on the screen and I immediately was like, that’s cool, that’s it. Changed Das Manics to Death of Kings, started playing heavier and heavier as we changed some members around (some left on their own accord and 1 drummer I had to fight haha). 

Anyway, it all started to come together after our crazy drummer got arrested before a gig and that’s when Amos joined on drums and we realized we had the same vision for what we wanted to do.

Scott- I actually sold the previously bass player my bass so that he could join the band, so I had to scramble to find gear when I got the gig almost 6 years ago. 

Matt Kilpatrick (guitar) joined about 2 years ago after moving back to Atlanta and taking a short leave from his other band, Cemetery Filth.

GM: Your career has been spent putting out EP's, splits, singles, etc. When do you think we're going to get a full length album?

Scott- We are actually dropping our debut full-length album on June 1st, via Boris Records. It will be a CD release to start, with vinyl to follow.

Matt- I honestly never wanted to do a full-length until now and not without a teaser 7”. 

I didn’t want to release a bunch of great music that we loved that would never get to anyone and would just be lost. I feel like so many great bands did that but thankfully with tape trading, the internet, and even damn YouTube now you can find these awesome “lost” records.

GM: With just 10-15 minutes of time you can fill, what do you do to make sure you say everything you need to say?

Matt- I like being able to give more music thru releases and not disappear for two years or whatever. At least we can write the best tunes we can and show people our progression as a band. 

With that in mind being able to put our best work musically and lyrically forward with those 10-15 minutes is vital. No bullshit or filler. 

Scott- I think the shorter releases we have done were a result of us wanting to make sure we were giving something to the fans along the way, until we could put together a bigger picture.

Matt- Totally. We have THE best lineup musically we’ve ever had plus the strongest we’ve been as a group as buds. It’s finally time for us now to set the stage for the full-length and beyond.

GM: The cover art on Hell Comes To Life is awesome. Tell me about the story that inspired it.

Matt- Hell Comes to Life itself is a song that takes place during Puritan times, 1600s etc. and is about a man whose lady is deemed a witch and is tortured and burned alive in front of him by a preacher and his followers. 

He is left alive and then goes to exact his revenge killing all those involved. The cover art is exactly what transpires when he gets his hands on them.  

GM: Speaking of stories. Death of Kings is a cool name. I'd have to think that there is a particular myth or legend that it's referring to. Help us out here.

Matt – Death to your rulers, your gods, your religious idols, the ones that tell you how to be or what to do. It can be political, religious, or just refer to a medieval king in its primordial tone.

Scott- Matt, as well as the rest of us, has a serious bone to pick with any and all malevolent authority figures. 

I think it’s pretty fitting these days especially.

GM: When it comes to listening to music, what's the band that's the farthest away from what you guys do that you listen to?

Matt- I love all soul music. Good and shitty 80s music. Soundgarden I’ve always dug since way back, their weirder shit.

Scott- Amos and I are lifelong Bruce Springsteen fans, I think The Boss qualifies. Matt Kilpatrick is a huge Alice in Chains fan.

GM: You've had a bad day and it's time for comfort consumption. What's going down your gullet?

Matt- Something with noodles like Asian or Italian, tacos obviously, good BBQ.

Scott- Burritos or a good Cuban sandwich.

GM: What are the five most important albums of all time?

Matt- Shit, that can be so subjective but top 5 most important albums that come to mind right now…Black Sabbath, Ramones, Show no Mercy, Master of Puppets, Symbolic…Jailbreak perhaps too. 

Shit I could think on this all day.  

Scott- DRI- Dealing With It and Prince- Purple Rain

GM: Answer the question you were expecting but didn't get.

Matt- …and that’s how I got away with it.

Scott- I plead the 5th.

In the meantime, pre-order their upcoming EP on Bandcamp and get in touch with the band on Facebook.

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