Thursday, April 20, 2017

Interview: Tomas Doncker, Former Producer/Guitarist with James Chance and the Contortions

Last week, the long awaited vinyl pressing of The Flesh Is Weak by James Chance and the Contortions was released. Now that was a record that we all loved here in the Glacially Musical Aldermanic Offices of Southwestern Fayette County, Kentucky.

Without even trying, I could be gushing about that record to you right now. It's a truly spectacular album for those who can reconcile jazz with punk rock. Interestingly enough, my dear wife is not one of them.

You however, you my intrepid reader who journeys with me through death metal to punk rock to well, wait till you see what I have coming up in the coming weeks.

You'll be the kind of person that needs to know about these new kinds of music that will have you toe tapping for years to come. Though, there's been some shuffling with the personnel. We were lucky enough to have Tomas Doncker, formerly the guitarist and producer for James Chance answer some of my (semi-ignorant) questions with class and professionalism.

Check it out.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking some time for us today.

Tomas Doncker: No problem Nik-Fire away!

GM: This was the first James Chance album in over fifteen years. How did it come about?

TD: I was having lunch with Bill Laswell about 2 years ago,and he suggested that we (Marla Mase & James Dellatacoma-my partners in True Groove Records) find a way to record James.

Given my history with James (I was an original member of James White & The Blacks-and appeared with the band in the film "Downtown 81") Bill felt that it would be the next logical step for us as Producers and label owners-as well as helping to re-ignite James's career.

GM: The CD was released in 2016 and the vinyl in 2017, how did the vinyl release come about?

TD: Well...You know how it is...EVERYONE thought it was absolutely necessary that this album be released on vinyl, and of course NO ONE stepped forward to partner with us in order to actually make it happen.

We were very fortunate to come in contact with Richard Lynn (Super Secret Records) in Austin,TX.! He immediately understood the importance of this being a vinyl release, and took concrete steps to make it happen.

He's a real "Music Guy",and a true gentleman.

GM: Were there any issues in mastering the disc for LP?

TD: Absolutely none.

Aside from the fact that we were well aware that we would be doing a vinyl pressing of this album,We are very fortunate to have one of the greatest Mastering engineers on the planet on our team-Mr. Michael Fossenkemper (TurtleTone Studio).

Michael is an icon in the industry, and he has mastered all 40-something releases on True Groove Records.

GM: Your guitar work on this album was an integral piece of the sound. How easily did you find it to fit in?

TD: James Chance/Contortions music has always been guitar music.

Rhythm guitar music to be exact, the roots of which reach back to James Brown and classic R & B. The guitars were always at the center of the arrangements. I didn't have to fit in.

I did feel the need to move that lineage forward sonically though. I'd like to thank Collings Guitars,Fuchs Amplification, and Earthquaker Devices for helping me achieve that goal...

And of course my production partner/Engineer Mr. James Dellatacoma (who also played some guitars on the album as well).

GM: How do you think this album fits in with the rest of the back catalog?

TD: We set out to make a record that would capture the energy of James Chance & The Contortions in a modern context.

We feel that this album will most definitely stand the test of time as far as performances,song choices and production values are concerned. We're very proud of the work we've done on this release.

GM: What would you change about the album if you could?

TD: Nothing at all.

GM: Is there anything else you wanna get out there?

TD: Nope. Nice chatting with you Nik! Thanks!

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