Friday, April 7, 2017

LP Review: "Terra Inanis" by Somnium Nox

Terra Inanis
It seems to me that certain kinds of music, though they may be wholly unrelated have similar criticisms leveled against them by people who do not enjoy those types of music.

How many times have you heard....I just can't get into that music. If I don't know what they're saying, it's not enjoyable to me.

Now, that particular statement has been made to me about both Opera and Death Metal.

Yes, I just compared Opera and Death Metal. Come at me.

In the past, my friends have told me, after my telling them come to this show with me, that if there's no vocals, they're not interested. Wouldn't that critique be distilled to basically the same thing stated above? Because, if one cannot hear what the musician is saying, there's no interest.

Somnium Nox
Interestingly enough, today's reviewee is neither death metal nor opera. Though the latter has never been on these pages.

Somnium Nox hails from all the way down under. Presently, they are living in the future.

With their future perspective in mind, they gave us Terra Inanis.

This album features three tracks and a didgeridoo.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no words in the songs. (Naturally that's my feigning sarcasm.)

In many cases, extreme metal acts tend to use artistic license when it comes to actually saying the words listed in the official lyrics. We as fans accept that because the voice is as much an instrument to the music as are the guitars or, more appropriately, the drums.

Though this album clocks in at 1.05 Reign In Bloods (28 minutes), there's quite a lot packed into the tracks. It's almost a shame that these songs were broken up into tracks. From this point, we're going to refer to them as movements.

The movements fall right into one another creating a vast painting. There are emotional upheavals and ninety degree changes in course. This album is equal parts gentle and riotous.

Terra Inanis is a journey inside the mind of someone else. Be strong, strap in, and hold on.

Just so you know, I didn't wait. I placed my vinyl pre-order down before I finished writing this review. Don't wait.

Release: 5/15/17
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Formats: LP (200pcs)/CD/Digital

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