Wednesday, April 19, 2017

LP Review: "Here's To Another" by The Birthday People

Here's To Another
There are times when I look in the mirror, see the grey hairs, the crow's feet, and my terrible beard.

Look, facial  hair...I can't grow it and this does drive me insane and thank you for bringing that up.

The thing about this is, when I was younger and life was slower, the idea of every reaching my forties was wholly unbelievable.

It was so far away that not only was it impossible to picture, it was impossible not having shuffled off this mortal coil by the time I'd aged to 41.


I'm 41 years old and listen to way too much death metal for someone my age. More to the point though, life comes at you fast. It was only yesterday that my daughter was a baby, just last week that I had gotten married, and only last month that I'd moved into my first apartment on Chippewa.

The Birthday People as they do not appear at present.
This is the second time The Birthday People have been on these pages. Here's To Another is their first full length and it's been too long.

They are a hard band to described. There's some Americana, but it's a little bit crunchy.

So, this style of music is hereby named Captain Crunchicana. Eat it with milk and a cut up banana.

Anybody who heard the first EP, will love this one just as much. The two releases are very much brothers.

The latest release though, has some special friends involved, including Fragile Porcelain Mice's Jake Brookman on cello. The inclusion of these guests add some lovely colors to the songs.

The Birthday People are never going to rock your socks off, even with the crunch guitars. In true Captain Crunchicana form, they're balladeers. Their storytelling is just as fun this time as it was before.

In a world where a president's late night rantings are news within minutes of his hitting the send button on his unsecured Android phone, bands like The Birthday People become more and more relevant.

We all need to find a way to slow down and smell the flowers. Make sure you listen closely. My style is like a college lecture. Your professor gives you a basic idea of the chapter, but you gotta read the book to really understand.

Don't miss anything on this one.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Captain Crunchicana
Label: DIY
Formats: CD/Digital

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