Monday, January 25, 2016

Album Review: "Buried In Violence" by Product of Hate

Buried In Violence
My perfect Sunday...

If you saw Hot Fuzz and have a memory like mine, that line always resonates with you.

On my perfect Sunday, I like do the same things. I like to watch movies I've seen a thousand times.

Now, I know this sounds boring, but I also didn't tell you about the tea and biscuits....and the M&Ms.

But that's how I love to spend them. Sometimes, I'm not adventurous. I want to see and enjoy something timeless.

Everyone has something in their life like this. Music is the same way. I love experimental bands, emphasis on the mental, and bands that use well worn cliches, and some that aren't genre bending wizards.

Product of Hate
Product of Hate are a seriously vicious metal band.

The guitar solos are hot enough to light your hair on fire.

The drums sound like there's barbed wire on the mallets.

The vocals bristle more than a rough hewn 2 X 4.

Product of Hate does more than the standard metal.

They don't quite fit into any singular subgenre. The vocal delivery varies between Tampa Bay Growls and San Francisco shouts.

But there are also sentimental acoustics, balladry, and that adds quite a bit to the requisite heavy metal guitars. Which, let me say, these fellows have a larger vocabulary on guitar than Sheldon Cooper does on physics.

Buried In Violence is built from the ground up to knock buildings back to it.

Release: 2/5/16
Genre: Metal
Label: Napalm Records

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