Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Album Review: "Vendetta Kind of Mood" by The FTW

Vendetta Kind of Mood
Today we're looking at the new project from Micheal Dolan, formerly of the The Turbo A.C.'s.

It's always cool to see what an artist will do once they are removed from the band that made them famous. Ace Frehley made a synthy hard rock album. Bruce Kulick and John Corabi made some dirty rock albums. C.C. Deville made a big pile of unlistenable crap.

I'm not familiar with the Turbo A.C.'s so, I'm not really going to think about that. I'm just sticking with this:

This is the debut effort of The FTW.

He recruited a couple of other gents to round out this trio, The Major Nelson on guitar and J.J. Meraz on the drums. 

When I first read about this album, I was certain it was going to be a punk record, but it's not, or even close to it. It's a New Wave of British Heavy Metal Rock'n'Roll album. Yeah work that out will ya?

I first want to say that I absolutely love this album cover. It's just really cool.

Strangely enough, this album starts off with a death metal styled overture complete with a ripping blues guitar solo.

It really didn't prepare me for what was coming next.

This album has a Thin Lizzy meets Motorhead being mugged by Diamondhead vibe to it.

Vocally Dolan has that Diamondhead vocal feel to it, but with some good old fashioned American street grime on it.

Gritty, but still a bit haunting. Dolan has a singular delivery that meshes so perfectly in this music.

The guitars have the sound of Chicago Blues. They're distorted and fuzzy, but played with some over the top riffing and delightful little metal tails on the verse riffs. Top that off with palm muting and this stuff is just well, nuts. 

It's bouncy and the riffs are undeniable.

In true Lemmy loving fashion, Dolan does play a Rickenbacker afterall, there are some wacky bass trills to finish off the disc.

This will be the first album you've heard to sound like this.

Release: 5/19/15
Genre: Rock
Label: DIY


  1. Love the band name and the album cover, I'll have to give them a listen, thanks!

  2. It's impossible to not love this album.

    It's a perfect mix of everything all at once really.