Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Album Review: "Blossoming Decay" by Noisem

Blossoming Decay
Sorry, but I got this album late. It's release date has already past, but let's peep this stuff anyway.

Today we're considering the sophomore album by Baltimore's Noisem, the follow up to Agony Defined.

I first encountered Noisem on tour with Carcass and Obituary last year.

They were the first act on a four act bill. The frontman for Exhumed mentioned, how great is Noisem?  He followed that up with "Imagine how great they'll be once they get their driver's licenses!

These men are definitely young. The bassist is the elder statesmen on the group at the ripe old age of 22. The line up is rounded out by two pairs of brothers and they've been off and running for years.

In the years since their founding, Noisem has been paying tribute to the great acts that came before them.

Vocally I'm reminded of Obituary, primarily in delivery. They, like Noisem, have a way of delivering the lyrics at about half tempo of the music.

Considering how fast Noisem plays, that's a nice change. It gives the vocals a bit more panache and more of the spotlight. Too many times death metal lyrics and vocals are just there without adding anything to the songs. That cannot be said of Noisem.

The drums are static and fierce. Blast beats are everywhere. This is about as straight forward as it gets when it comes to metal drumming. They're fierce and thundering, but not overly fancy.

The guitars are throaty and full of the palm muted riffs metal heads love. The leads feature a King Diamond kind of tone, shrilly and shreddy. Classic metal sounds.

Noisem have crafted a strong album with plenty of changes to break up the heavy. This album is pure fury.

Release: 5/05/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: A389 Recordings
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