Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Interview with Crawling For Carrion

Crawling For Carrion
On November 9th, Crawling For Carrion released their debut 7" EP, Rake and Roads with features a track by Portishead and a track by Townes Van Sandt.

This particular interplay of styles was something very strange to this writer and still it tasks me so.

he mastermind behind Crawling for Carrion, and other bands as well, was good enough to give us some of his time.

Check it out!

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking some time for me today. 

Crawling For Carrion: My pleasure, thanks for having me.

GM: Rake and Roads is a 7" featuring covers by Townes Van Zandt and Portishead. Why did you choose each tune? 

CFC: Rake is such a beautiful song. Townes' lyrics are very emotive and I love the imagery. I'm always drawn to sad, melancholy and dark music and Rake fits the bill perfectly.

I spent quite a while arranging the song and recording it. With Roads I recently heard the opening Rhodes piano lick, worked it out on guitar and loved how it sounded and it progressed from there.

Roads came together much faster so I liked the idea of pairing the two as there was significant contrast in the production. 

GM: Most bands are itching to release their first original music. What made you start off with covers?  

CFC: Well this phase of music for me actually started with a very short sludge EP last year called Reality's Flux under the name Scuzzball.

I have a bunch of different projects I'm working on and my original intention was to release them all under their own name. One of those projects is a bunch of songs I want to cover in a heavy style and this is the first of those releases.

I'm kinda in the middle of making the decision to just carry on and do everything under the name Crawling for Carrion from now on though.

GM: I've been stuck on the Portishead cover. That seems like a really odd choice. As a young adult in the 90's, I recall Portishead quite clearly, and hating them. Your version of the tune sounds nothing like what my mind remembers. How different do you think the versions are?

CFC: Ah interesting. We must be of similar age. I was up to my neck in mid-90s metal when Portishead first came out.

They were on my radar but I don't think I paid them that much attention at the time so they're a band I re-visited later on.

 And err, my version is completely different in terms of sound. It's pretty much the same arrangement but with super distorted guitars and heavier drums. And a couple of guitar solos.

GM: I saw that the EP is going to be release on lathe cut vinyl in limited quantities. How many will there be and when should those be available? 

CFC: I'm doing this as a pre-order only for the lathe cut 10"s. I'll basically get as many made as I get orders plus a couple of spare and that'll be it. They're expensive to make and I'm expecting a very small number of order.

Originally I said I'd keep the pre-orders open until release date but I'll probably extend it by a few days or a week.

GM: Tell me how the name was chosen?

CFC: Crawling for Carrion was a name I had kicking around for a while and I guess I made some vague connection between the songs I was choosing as covers being the carrion.

As for the origin of the name I'm not telling. I'm waiting to see if anyone works out the inspiration. (Note: I'm guessing Carrion Crawler from AD&D.)

GM: Will there be a follow up of original music or do you think you'll continue with covers? 

CFC: I'm in the middle of writing an ambient album at the moment which will be out early next year.

I have a couple of things lined up to work on after that which are both originals and at some point I'll get back to my list of covers and get another one or two done.

GM: What are the five most important albums of all time? 

CFC: W.A.S.P - W.A.S.P
W.A.S.P - The Last Command 
W.A.S.P - Inside the Electric Circus
W.A.S.P - The Headless Children 
W.A.S.P - The Crimson Idol 

GM: Did we miss anything? 

CFC: I don't think so. Thanks for the questions, I appreciate the opportunity.

If anyone wants to hear my music then head to and you can find it all there.

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