Monday, February 17, 2020

Meowtal with Cam Bird

Yoda (left) and Cam Bird
Australia's Cam Bird will release his new single "The Devil's Hands" on February 21st 2020. The song will be available on streaming formats and can be pre-saved here:

Those who knew the Australian from his previous death metal outfit Create|Destroy will be surprised to see such an evolution - after some soul-searching across three EPs, the vocalist/guitarist has finally found his true calling as a hard rockin’ singer/songwriter. 

Beyond, released earlier this year, was the final culmination of this shift, and it’s only upwards from there on new single “The Devil’s Hands”.

1. In my house, we have three cats named Wickett, Louis IX, and Randall "Pink" Floyd. How many do you have and what are they called?

I have a cat named Yoda who just turned 1. I only have the one so far and am traditionally a dog person but have fallen in love with the little guy and would love another one later this or next year.

2. It's obvious where our cats got their names. Where did yours get theirs?

Its pretty obvious on my end too haha Star Wars. 

I'm a huge Star Wars fan. Yoda was actually a rescue kitty put up for adoption down here in Melbourne. We saw the ad for him and it was one of those "The Force Is With You" moments. Stars aligned and I met my little boy.

3. We're three people with one cat each. My cat, Floyd, rides my shoulder like a parrot. What's an odd behavior your cat has?

Yoda loves to sit on my shoulder and reenact Luke's training on Dagobah whispering secrets of the Force and general encouragement in my ear haha. 

He is a very vocal cat as well and has the tiniest little roar you've ever heard and loves to let it out a lot!

4. When I leave, I always pick a cat to be in charge of the other kitties. What's the wacky thing you do with yours?

I talk to Yoda quite a bit. When I'm leaving the house I let him know I'm headed out so he doesn't freak out and search the whole house for me. Yep crazy I know.

5. We have a half-Himalayan, a Polydactyl, and a Kitten Would Be God. What sorts do you have?

He's a Calico or a Tuxedo cat. He's tiny as well. He's about 2.5kg now and thats fully grown apparently. He still looks like a kitten.

6. Over the years, my cats have taught me absolutely nothing. What's the one thing you think they should be imparting to us humans?

The secrets of the universe. I'm pretty sure they wont do that however as its quite obvious that we are their slaves. 

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