Friday, July 15, 2016

EP Review: "I (Songs About Dystopia, Satan, Ghouls, & Marilyn Monroe)" by Sulfur Ensemble

I (For Brevity's Sake)
When my friends and were much younger and learning the geography of the world, Turkey and Hungary always were a big joke to us.

Because people in Hungary should go to Turkey!

We were literally the world's best nine year old comedians as far as I'm concerned. Granted, nowadays comedy has come farther along, like that kid that does impressions. He's amazing.

In 1985 though, children's comedy hadn't reached such dizzying heights.

Turkey is an interesting country and their exports are always greatly appreciated. Turkish Tobacco was something that I have partaken quite a bit of. Hmm, maybe that's the only export that's come to my attention. Oh, hookahs are pretty popular over there too right?

Wait...that's pretty much the same thing.

Sulfur Ensemble
My rules are being broken.

Normally, all of our reviews are of music that's  yet to be released, but here we are talking about something a few months old.

Just that alone is enough to take notice of this EP.

It's got four tracks and clocks in at one Reign In Blood.

So, yes, there's some long form doom going on here.

The guitars have that Electric Wizard sound, but with Sabbath grooves. Doom/Sludge metal has to groove or it's worthless.

Either the guitars are covered in wah or whiskey...I'm not entirely sure, but either way, it sounds amazing.

The vocals are shouted whispers that will wake the dead. All in all, there are far worse things you could spend $1 on. Any fan of sludge has no reason to not purchase the digital copy, but pick up the disc.

You'll be glad you did.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Doom/Sludge Metal
Label: Morbid Syndicate Records

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