Monday, July 11, 2016

LP Review: "Celebrate" by The Big Bend

Surprises are a wonderful thing.

This album came as a surprise to me, it just kind of showed up on my door step. Well, I did some detective work, i.e. searching my inbox, and figured out the mystery!

It's a feel good story is it not?

Anyway, music to me is a purposeful art form. It's not like a painting or even a play in my personal view.

There are different kinds of music for different things. Soft, instrumental music is fantastic for dinner conversation. Wildly progressive instrumental music is not.

Brutal metal is great for video gaming or just getting it done, whatever the it may be. The Blues, well that's just good drinking music.

The Big Bend
Spin that record and open up a bottle.

Well, Celebrate tells us in the title precisely what this music is for.

This is some raucous, juke joint, dancing music.

Trying not to be TOO literal, it's smoky...(There's a song called Chain Smoking, and I'm not sure if they're tobacco enthusiasts, but it kind of sounds like it.)

The Big Bend also have a big Hammond Organ.

That's one of my favorite colors in the 64 Pack of Musical Crayons. The swirling goodness of that Leslie Speaker always makes me a bit week in the knees.

In their jazz tinged brand of alterna college rock, there are sweeps and swopes of The Blues, Country, and memories of what used to be.

Country music wasn't always this polished pop that we get now, but the songs of the people. Folk music infused with the Blues.

The Big Bend celebrate the whole of America's prehistoric music. Prehistoric, because true country and western, rock'n'roll, and much of their inspirations are no longer active.

Look to the past with a surprisingly modern sounding album.

Release: 7/22/16
Genre: ???
Label: Misra Records

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