Tuesday, September 18, 2018

1 Up with Anisoptera

On 9/14/18, Anisoptera released their excessively brutal and utterly destructive record, Spawn of Odonata.

Like all amazing death metal bands before them, they use a lot of words that are hard to spell and the person writing about them isn't sure if they are real words are not, and hell no he's not going to google them!

Feel free to get a vocabulary lesson from the boys by contacting them FACEBOOK.

But this interview isn't about crushing death metal nights, it's about video games. Feel free to add in your own irony...

Glacially Musical: My first system was a pong clone, the yellow and black Odessey 300. What was your first Console?

My first system was a sega genesis followed by the Playstation 1. My favorite 

GM: My stepdad was certain we'd destroy the TV playing Pong so we had to play it in secret, either when he was a sleep or when he was out of the house. Did you have to jump through any hoops to play games?

I couldn't play any games with any violence, so I had some of my older cousins buy the games I actually wanted to play haha,

GM: What about hand held games? Is that something you ever got into?

Original Gameboy was where it was at for my younger days. I was hooked on Zelda and the original Pokemon (Red/Blue)

GM: The idea of not being able to play something drove me nuts, so I started playing games in their original Japanese. Did you ever get into imports?

I had a few friends that were SUPER into imports, however I never dove deep into buying them or seeking them out, however the old RPG imports were awesome to play.

GM: What's your favorite sports game?

If you can reference 2-Extreme or the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series as Sports games then count me in.

GM: Dragon Warrior got me hooked on turn based RPGs, something that's still happening. What's your favorite style of game and what was the first one you played?

My favorite game of all time, and the best RPG in my opinion is Beyond the Beyond (Camelot Software) for Playstation 1. 

The storyline and intensity is on point for sure!

GM: Favorite system?

My favorite system has always been Playstation 1, I never really got into the newer consoles in fear of addiction hahaha.

Playstation 1 is a console I can turn on play for a while and enjoy, then turn it off and not feel the addiction to immediately get back on.

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