Friday, September 7, 2018

1 Up with Robert Williams of Texas Metal Outlaws

It's time to get some more information from the Robert Williams from Texas Metal Outlaws.

This time he was good enough to give us the scoop on his video game habits.

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You'll be glad you did.

But for the now, let's check in on those sweet, sweet pixelated pixes in the TV...

Glacially Musical: My first system was a pong clone, the yellow and black Odessey 300. What was your first Console?

I believe it was an Atari system. After years and beers of partying my early memories are kind of fuzzy but I didn't get too heavily into video games until NES and Super Mario Bros. 

I used to be able to beat Trojan on my first try without dying once and I was also a wizard at Contra.

GM: My stepdad was certain we'd destroy the TV playing Pong so we had to play it in secret, either when he was asleep or when he was out of the house. Did you have to jump through any hoops to play games?

Not really. My parents were pretty chill with us playing video games but probably had no idea my little friends and I stayed up until four in the morning playing Golden Axe and Street Fighter II.

GM: What about hand held games? Is that something you ever got into? 
I had a Gameboy. I played with it for about a year until dirty magazines got my full attention and then I started playing with myself instead of the Gameboy.

GM: The idea of not being able to play something drove me nuts, so I started playing games in their original Japanese. Did you ever get into imports?

GM: What's your favorite sports game?
I really liked this hockey game for the NES and any game that depicted professional wrestling was a big hit!

GM: Dragon Warrior got me hooked on turn based RPGs, something that's still happening. What's your favorite style of game and what was the first one you played?

Well, as I just mentioned any video game that was based on professional wrestling was a big stress reliever for me.

It's just something about bashing someone over the head with a steel chair or performing a finishing move that I find deeply satisfying. Also, Street Fighter II was most likely the reason I dropped out of school. 

All I wanted to do was get wasted, put on some tunes and play that fucking video game!

GM: Favorite system?

You: I never made it past Playstation 2 but that system had the best graphics of any system I've ever owned so I'll say Playstation 2. 

Plus I can play CD's on it so I used it as my stereo for about two years.

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