Friday, September 21, 2018

EP Review: "Inability to Cope" by Misanthropic Aggression

Inability to Cope EP
Let's get right down two it shall we?

Today's subject is a slightly confused, but very metal trio based out of Atlanta, GA. Boris Records was good enough to bring them and record the debut EP.

Between these three gentlemen, they play about 5 instruments. Interestingly enough, they switch off who plays bass, It makes me wonder if there's a heads or tails scenario or perhaps a not it protocol.

Because you gotta lay down the bass or you might as well not lay down the law.

Inability To Cope is a eight track, 20 minute hello to the world. In those six tracks, Misanthropic Aggression switches between death metal, grindcore, and early groove metal. This is a lot of ground to cover in a very short time.

It's been a goodly long while since a brand new band has been able to catch me so unawares with their ability. It's oddly reminiscent of Noisem, but I find Misanthropic Aggression more a more enjoyable experience.

It's time to chew on my nails in anticipation of a true debut, perhaps on vinyl, as this toothsome appetizer hasn't satisfied my urge, but amplified it.

Release: 10/2/18 FACEBOOK BANDCAMP


  1. Band is clearly a 3 piece. Guitarist played bass on one song written in the studio. EP is 8 tracks not 6.