Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Pizza Pie Do or Die with Cam Bird

In case you've ever wondered, why does this heavy metal website talk about food so god damned much, it's because in a former life, I was a food and beer blogger.

That's part of why these are so interesting to me, but also because the USA is big country, but more than that, it's a great big world out there and right now, we're all a bit cordoned off from it.

So, talking to Cam Bird about Australian pizza has me in my happy place. Check out his rocking new album via BANDCAMP.

1. Pizza is the world's most perfect food. This is not up for debate. Please define pizza as based on your geographical location.

A staple of a good Aussie “weekend” diet, Id say pizza is the ultimate social and/or anti social food for either shared occasions or Netflix solo binge sessions.

We’ve made it our own down here too with a special “Aussie” pizza that includes egg on it, believe it or not.

2. It's going to get controversial now. Pineapple on Pizza. Why or why not?

Pineapple. As if there is another option! I’m all about the sweet stuff and it’s the perfect way to sweeten up a pizza.

3. For literally years, my family didn't order pizza from the take out places. We made Chef Boyardee boxed pizzas. After that, we only ordered St. Louis Style from Imo's. But finally in the LATE EIGHTIES, I had Domino's Pizza. Tell me your tale.

We had a local pizza shop called Nero’s that we’d visit on a Saturday night as a kid. It wasn’t until I first had a meat lovers with BBQ sauce base that I discovered my ultimate “go-to” pizza.

It hasn’t really changed since that day wherever I am. I did visit NYC a few years ago and had to do the authentic big NYC pepperoni style pizza and that rules, but we have a famous street in Melbourne here populated by Italian resteraunts called Lygon Street.

One visit here will make your mouth forever water at the thought of another Lygon street pizza.

4. St. Louis Style Pizza is the perfect pizza, especially if you enjoy bragging about how much pizza you can eat, but when I'm out in other parts of the country, I seek out Chicago Style Pizza. What do you look for?

It’s all in the dough. Anyone can garnish a pizza with anything but not everyone can master the art of making an exceptional dough.

I look for the old school guys who understand this and take great pride in their dough.

5. Pepperoni, started giving me heartburn. So I switched to green peppers or onions. What's your go to topping?

 BBQ meat lovers, BBQ Hawaiian or a classic Pepperoni are mine. Mmmmmmmm!

6. What do you look for in pairing beer with your pie?

I’m not a big beer guy and if I do beer it has to be a special beer. I love a good high end craft beer and my darker brews.

For me it’s all about quality over quantity so I’ll look for either something crisp and refreshing or something hearty and dark to wash my pizza down with.

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