Monday, December 10, 2012

Album Review: "The Edgar Allan Poe EP" by MC Lars

This one is another late arrival to the party I suppose. This disc has been out for months and months, but I just got it. I originally came across MC Lars when he was on the bill for the first mc chris show I attended. I ended up buying his latest album after that, and then became a fan. I was trolling his website awhile back and came across this EP, but forgot to buy it.


A while back MC Lars tweeted me that he'd be here with I Fight Dragons at the Firebird. Well, as I hadn't had the chance to see a nerd rapper in St. Louis yet, I made sure to get down there with a couple friends of mine. Quick note before we stampede off here, I had the chance to meet with MC Lars at the merch table and during the headliners and I have never met a musician so gracious, so humble, and so willing to give his time to those who want it.

On his last full length album and one of the other earlier records, there were some tracks about Edgar Allan Poe, my favorite author, and these lit hop songs seem to have gone over well, so he released the Edgar Allan Poe EP with 7 new songs, and 4 remixes of a few of them.

Did I mention MC Lars is a nerd rapper? Being a total nerd myself, it's something I can get behind. I suppose my complaint is that I didn't catch a reference to  Hop Frog on the CD....

The EP starts off with the track "Flow Like Poe." This song is performed in front of a symphony orchestra. Just that in and of itself is a pretty rare thing. This album has some fun beats, some great tunes, and a couple really interesting cameos. Random aka Megaran guests on "The Tell Tale" and punk legends, the Dead Milkmen, played on a remix of "Mr. Raven." Though this is listed as an EP, there are eleven tracks here, but 3 of them are different versions of the songs recorded for this release.

Really, what can I say? Do you like nerd? Do you like Edgar Allan Poe? Do you go hard on the tetrameter? Then you should totally get this CD. It's awesome, but I can say yes to all of those things. This album is full of all of the things I really like about MC Lars: quick wit, long winded rhymes, nerdy topics, and unusual backing music.

Genre: Rap and Nerdcore
Year: 2012
Playlists: Nerdcore, Rap & Such


1) Flow Like Poe
2) The Tell-Tale (ft. Random)
3) Lenore (I miss you)
4) (rock) The Bells
5) Annabel Lee R.I.P. (ft common rotation)
6) The Abridged Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket
7) Mr. Raven (ft. the dead milkmen)
-----Bonus Tracks-----
8) Annabel Lee R.I.P. (DreamTrak Remix)
9) Flow Like Somebody In Rack City I Used To Know
10) Annabel Lee R.I.P. (original)
11) Mr. Raven (original)


  1. Nice little write up. I was first introduced to MC Lars indirectly through the documentary Nerdcore Rising about MC Frontalot. Since having gone to see Front shortly after the release of "Solved" I've made sure to broaden my nerdcore horizons and MC Lars has easily made the top of the rotation since then.

    I should also mention that on his website he's running his entire digital catalog using the Humblebundle "Name your price" philosophy for this entire week.

  2. Thanks! There will be a bit more Nerdcore on the way as well. There was another release recently....and I have a couple chip rock EPs to review yet. (When you get as much music as I do, there's always something that'll get lost in cracks!)

    Also checkout: Powerglove, Richie Branson, Adam WarRock, Random, etc. The nerd music scene is only getting bigger and bigger.