Monday, May 20, 2013

Album Review: "Robert Randolph Presents the Slide Brothers" by The Slide Brothers

When one is on a musical journey there will always be twists and turns. Sometimes and the idea of an album will take the listener out of their comfort level. In this case, The Slide Brothers are presented. These four gentlemen grew up playing sacred steel guitar in their churches.

This is where comfort zones are tested. They have decided to break with tradition and bring this music to the masses. Popular music is so very rarely equated with religion. Obviously there was Creed and for us older folks, Jars of Clay. As a child of the 80's, it's hard for me to forget the attacks music took.

Even though the inspiration is quite different than the bands that took the attacks, there could be a little blow back, but there is no need to delve too deeply into that here. This album is a very esoteric collection of music.

This disc is unlike anything ever heard by me. From the opening track, "Don't Keep me Wonderin'" to the closer, "No Cheap Seats In Heaven," this album kept me interested and engaged.

When hearing the term pedal steel guitar, I always think of country twang. So that idea kind of put me off of this album, but in no way could I describe this disc as twangy. The songs are beautiful and full of guitars obviously, as there are four guitarists in this group. Through the beauty of the dueling guitars a message of hope is conveyed in both lyrics and guitar lines.

Their instrumental cover of "Wade In The Water" struck a chord with me. This song shows the true expressiveness of this style. Upon hearing the lines, the lyrics to the song sang in my head. I cannot overstate the power, the emotion, and the beauty of this song.

Between blues covers and spirituals, this album feels like it has it all. I do not believe I can recommend it enough.

Release: 2013
Genre: Blues

1) Doint' Keep Me Wonderin'
2) My Sweet Lord
3) Sunday School blues
4) Wade In The Water
5) Praise  You
6) It Hurts me Too
7) Catch That Train
8) Motherless Children
9) Help Me Make It Through
10) The Sky Is Crying
11) No Cheap Seats In Heaven


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