Monday, October 14, 2013

"Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies" by Volbeat

What the hell is Volbeat? Seriously, is there anybody who can tell me what the world Volbeat is trying to do here? It would be easy to say they're just trying to be awesome.

And they're succeeding at that quite handily.

About two years ago, their preceding album, "Above Heaven/Beyond Hell" made its way to me and the singer really seemed like something very special. No growls, no shrieks, just some sort of singing over metal. It gave me pangs of Dragonforce, but lacking the over the top shred and certainly lacking the Steve Perry-like vocals.

This was a band that aroused my interest in them and was bound and determined to finally understand what the hell it is they're doing. This the fourth album of theirs I have gotten and I honestly still do not get what they're going for, but at least they're still awesome.

Rob Caggiano (formerly of Anthrax) middle.
Volbeat, primarily, hails from Denmark. As Denmark is the size of southern Missouri, I would presume that they know King Diamond.


On the sixth track, the master of metal, the most evil man on the planet who's under 5'6" lends his demonic screeching vocals to his fellow countrymen.

The drummer does something very unique. He uses the double bass pedal to hold the beat. He doesn't fly on them like he's running from the cops. He uses them as an accent to make this drum beat heavier, but not faster. These guys are a very unique band. It's as if they are saying look, we'll never be as heavy as Meshuggah or any of those guys, but we'll be more interesting and more awesome.

This album chugs along with the trademark vocals, thick and steady drumming, some very nice shreds, and rhythm section that stays in the pocket the whole time. This is another metal band that knows that they are better working as a unit than they are several artists at once.

Year: 2013
Genre: Metal

1) Let's Shake Some Dust
2) Pearl Hart
3) The Nameless One
4) Dead But Rising
5) Cape of Our Hero
6) Room 24 (Featuring King Diamond)
7) The Hangman's Body Count
8) My Body
9) Lola MOntez
10) Black Bart
11) Lonesome Rider (Featuring Sarah Blackwood)
12) The Sinner Is You
13) Doc Holliday
14) Our Loved Ones

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