Monday, February 6, 2017

LP Review: "Gnosis" by Saille

Growing up as a male in the Nineties was an interesting time, though the statement may be an oxymoron.

One of the most common topics of discussion between myself and the other boy (as we were both boys back then) who'd later go on to become the bass player in my first band and I was...

Who would win in a fight between these two characters from wholly different universes?

Seriously, who hasn't wondered if Sho Kosugi's Cho Osaki from Revenge of the Ninja couldn't take Luke Skywalker?

Well, those were the very ridiculous sorts of conversations we would have. Most male adolescence was just killing time until we at least reached male adulthood (again, largely a contradiction in terms) or at least the full age of majority in order to buy beer....

The long standing rule around here is that lyrics are not meant to be discussed, considered, or unpacked.

But I'm going to unpack something else here.

Gnosis is a concept record about a Promeathean world and it's Luciferian counterpart.

To me, that's Lucifer and Prometheus fighting each other for all eternity.

That's a battle I'd pay to watch...

I've probably reduced their grand idea into something ridiculous, but that sort of crossover is always interesting to me. Thankfully the music itself is grandiose and angry.

Though perhaps, I've interpreted the story a bit incorrectly, my idea still rings true in the sounds. Lucifer and Prometheus both were the Lords of This World in different mythologies.  Their difference is how they went about becoming lords.

Saille doesn't just give General Issue Black Metal or Generic Power Metal. They have taken in many styles of music and have fused them into something new.

They are definitely struggling for their own souls to glorious result.

Release: 3/13/17
Genre: Epic Black Metal
Label: Code666
Formats: CD/Digital

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